Irish Hockey Photographers | Pembroke v Three Rock Rovers, Neville Cup final, December 26 2017, Serpentine Avenue

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Pictures: Adrian Boehm
General view of the Neville Cup finalManager Andrew Walker and Coach Gareth BorlandUmpires Bruce Bale and Colm Kavanagh lead the teams outShane O'BrienMatthew Walker tackles Cian MurphyCian MurphyCian Murphy on the attackJack Ryan on the attackUmpire Colm KavanaghJack Ryan hits the baselineLuke AdamsRob McCollumBen McCrea, Keith O'Hare and Luke AdamsBen McCrea, Keith O'Hare and Luke AdamsDavid Kane clears the padsAlan Sothern lines up a shotAlan Sothern shoot-outHarry Morris celebrates his shoot-out goalShane O'Brien and John Mullins celebrate